10 Things you shouldn’t forget to take to the beach


Are you thinking what to take with you to the beach? Moreover, do you want carry on everything? Check it out, what is the best thing for you!

1. Swimwear – that is quite funny and simple, but which color of swimwear should you choose? My advice is, the best way is take light orange, brown or red. When you start being tan, these colors will look perfect and sexy on you!

2. Sun Creams – see the advices where is the sun dangerous and when you can spent few hours on the sun without being scare on your skin. See LIFE STYLE / Sun Tanning

3. Sunglasses – I cannot move without sunglasses anywhere. We have to safe your eyes before UVA and UVB.

4. Book – some good book is perfect thing for relaxing on the beach.¨

5. Hat or Cap

6. A Camera – To take nice memories.

7. Cold water – If you have possibility to put bottle of waters to the freezer few hours before you go to the beach, you will definitely appreciate ice in the bottle for almost all day.

8. Water mattress – from my experience, the water mattress is usually cheap in the summer destination. Nothing is the best than relax on the sea waves.

9. Money – remember to take some changes with you, you can pay for sun chair or just ´summer cocktails´

10. Waterproof mascara + balsam or lip-gloss

Enjoy your time ;). Love. R. xx

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