Last Minute Holiday


“What we should not forget when we go on holiday!”

It is actually end of summer season, but for many of you, who chooses to go for holiday after season will be few advices useful. Check it out 4 main points, how to be absolutely ready.

1. Make a list, what you want to take with you- look at this. It is definitely easier way not to forget the main things and it saves your time.

2. Be sure that you know the main things about your hotel such as:

- The position of hotel

- If you have self catering, google it information about availability to buy food and how much money you need to take with you

- Google feedback from others people about your hotel

3. TRAVEL INSURANCE – it is better to pay L27 for two people. You never know, when you will need health care. Quick link to travel insurance here.

4. Make sure that your passport is not expiry. If you travel to the exotic countries or outside EU, you definitely need it. From my experience, many airports starts using self control passport, (only in case if you have got the new type of passport with a chip). It is save your time again!

I wish you enjoy your holiday!!! Love, R. xx

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