Shop Girl to Stylist (Elle competition)


In May, I started working in Next and signed the new contract as a flexy sales consultant. On the first day, I saw a BIG headline on a leaflet ´Shop girl to stylist with Elle´ on the board in the staff room. I though “it’s a big opportunity and I definitely have to try it!” What they wanted was to send a fashion photo of me or my friend which expresses my style.

When I came home I started thinking if it is not too cheeky in my first day at work.

Today, three months later (while in the dark that the competition was in progress), still working in Next with new contract I bought October issue of Elle Magazine. What did I find it inside? The semi-finalists of the “Shop girl to stylist” and their short interviews. Check it out on

I started thinking again, why I did not do it? What would be different?

Well, I wish every semi-finalists to be the one who wins and get a head start on their way to follow their dream job. What is my suggestion in the end? We definitely should go through the barriers to follow what we want! So do not hesitate and do it! Even if it’s on your very first day at work. Love. R. xx

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