Sun Tanning, how to protect your skin


Here you can find the basic things, how I try to protect my skin before a sun. When is it more dangerous for our skin?

Do not forget use sun cream before you go to the beach. If you get up early, good for you. Between 9 until 11/12 is the best time for sun tanning.

The 1. rule, which you should know is the sun cream with higher factor means that you can  spent more time on the sun without using again, but be clear. If you will use more often, best way for you and your skin!

The 2. rule – The first day use higher factor and every 10-15 turn around.

The 3. rule – After swimming use sun cream every time.

The 4. rule- Remember drinking water is so important to feel and look healthy!

Between 12-16hours is the most dangerous sun. You should take care more about yourself in this time. Go to the nearest buffet, restaurant to get food, coffee or just go back to your hotel room and relax few hours. Your skin will be grateful in the future. If you still want to be on the beach in this time, be under parasol. If you really want to tan in this time, follow the rule NO. 2, but turn around every 8-10 minutes and use sun cream all the time, and drink water a lot! Do not be hurry with tanning, if you will follow rules above, you will get ´gold´ outcome on your skin!!! Love. R. xx

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