Travel iron should have place in our suitcases


 Are you thinking if you should pack your travel iron with you? I say, YES definitely! I cannot travel anywhere without small iron.

Last time when I used it was on holiday few weeks ago. I just wanted to wear something comfortable and nice, which can highlight my tan from few days on the beach. I decided for my favorite simple white top. Unfortunately, the top was slightly creased. I pressed my clothes before packing them, but it just happened, that is travelling, isn’t it? I used my travel iron, and I could wear my top that night. Which type of iron I have?

I bought my travel iron in Marks and Spencer for just £5. It is small iron with foldable handle. The good think on this type of iron is the long cable!

I have to underline thing that almost every travel iron is ideal only for removing “suitcase” erasing. It is not normal iron! You should still pres your clothes before travel, but definitely you will love it!

Enjoy your travel with travel iron! Love. R. xx

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