MISS University of Worcester ´11


Are you thinking what is going on here? To find up more, read after jump.

I just start work on one project, which the titel talk about it. MISS University of Worcester ´11, UK.

My friend Elisa brought me to her friend Yulia, who get an idea to organise something, what has not been yet at history of our University. Now we are 4 girls who represent MISS UW ´11 -behind the titel- and of course we are looking for the attractive and intelligent young women, who will be honour to represent us -with the titel- MISS UW ´11.

As it is, this project brings lots fun and challenge. Tomorrow we will have little bit of photoshoot for our website www.MissUW.co.uk, does it sound fun? In the weekend we have got meeting with people from The Shout, which si filming team. They are interested to make a documentary about ´backstage´ of MISS UW ´11.  I am so excited!

If you wanna see how it all went and more, watch this space. Love. R. xx

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