Shop of the Day – WeekDay


Thursday, perfect day to go shopping before New Year. I am in Malmö in Sweden right now, where the shopping is very easy … what we can talk about ;). I went to my favourite shop ´WEEKDAY´, which I usually visit if I am here, it is like tradition. Check out the interior of the shop which it is differentiates them from others and I really love it.

This really swedish brand ´MTWTFSSWEEKDAY´ with unique style cover Scandinavian continent; Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and plus one in the middle of Europe, in Germany. I hope that the owners will think to expand to the others countries too, the Czech Republic or England would be amazing. Otherwise we have a good reason to take a trip to one of these countries. The brand itself started off as a counter-reaction to the dominating denim trend at the time. When jeans were all about rare and expensive fabrics Weekday created jeans that were affordable to everyone. (The WeekDay´s Blue Issue #2).

Check out also my favourite piece what I found in the store. I myself wore just comfy pieces to feel better in freezing weather.  I also posted  a photo as a bonus to imagin that noone is too scared riding bike in this weather and if you just jump for cup of tea or coffee, you might be suprised when you come back.

Happy New Year to everyone. 
Love. R. xx


PS: One of my Christmas presents from my Martin (on the photo) was trip to Stockholm for New Year, if you want to know more how is everything going, read after jump.

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