The Stockholmish view


Monday – the very busy day after Christmas break. Stockholm is revivaled again. I went to meet Martin´s friends in coffee shop  “Wayne´s Coffee”.  What I found really positive in Sweden is that everyone speak English. So it is not any problem to buy anything or just gossip with locals ;). After that we went for a short walk around historic part. I saw the government, the Royal Palace in Old Town; see on the photo the front gate …swedish culture and mainly felt Swedish winter, which it pushed us inside of shopping center, yaaaay. As a Christmas gift we got tickets to the cinema from Martin´s mum, which I really thank you. We saw “The Next Three Days” movie. Great, I can only recommened to everyone. If you like action movie with a bit drama, go ahead. Well, that was my day in Stockholm, actually my last day. Tomorrow I am going back to Malmö by train for one last day in Sweden. On Wendesday I Am gonna be in Czech and on Sunday in Uk, so lots of travelling. 

Enjoy. Love. R.

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