Upper Class


Well, this is my full (part) time job right now. Styling for Fashion Show of I AM UNIQUE project. What do you think of this style? I called it ´UPPER CLASS´ and as an addition; it has been chosen from high street luxury brands. I wanted to express mainly the model attitude, she completely felt that she is wearing something expensive. The effect is exactly how I wanted to be, any of these pieces what is shown isn´t a expensive designer. Check out House Of Fraser in your city;). Really like this look; a simple dress make a classy style together with accessories, mainly a handbag what you could see in previous post. I also fall in love with these heels. It would make a very nice set together, well thank you to ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

Enjoy. Love. R.

Handbag by MANGO
Maxi Dress by LINEA
Scarf by MANGO

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