And the winner is…


It is Thursday evening. People are cuing outside of Tramps. The doors are opened after 10pm.

I AM UNIQUE presenters, Demi and Don are coming on the stage to introduce whole event, disciplines , sponsors, juror panel and mainly I AM UNIQUE contestants after  few minutes of ´James Bond´ freestyle performance by dancing crew Iulia, Mlak, Cara and Mystic.¨

This night won´t be forgotten. The contestants are introduced in a first discipline called MY FASHION PASSION sponsored by House of Fraser. All of them were wearing House of Fraser´s brands, either Label Lab, Veromoda, Therapy or Boutique with accessories by Therapy and Touch.

The second discipline called TRASHY DESIGNS. The girls were introduced by their uniqueness of making dresses from recycled materials accompanied by dancer Mlak.

The last part ´I AM UNIQUE´ showed girls in the lights of why they are Unique together with amazing ´Burlesque´ choreography by Elis.

Between each discipline you could see a brilliant performance by singers Luciana, Hannah, Sarah, Clare and Geoffrey, first of all started Geoffrey and Hannah in ´Your Song´ continuing by Sara with Firework, Lady Marmalade by all of the girls and Man in the Mirror by all the singers in the final.

The I AM UNIQUE juror panel consist of three honour guests. Managing director of Tramps Night Club,  Mr. Dean Hill. Managing director of House of Fraser Worcester,  Mrs. Caryl Davis and Make-up Artist from House of Fraser too, Mrs. Lydia Jarvis-Stark, who decided about Vice Miss UNIQUE Sukunya Pongapaijit to win a makeover by HoF,  photo shoot by MISS TAKE PHOTOGRAPHY and styling by Radana from Trang Nguyen was chosen to carry the title Miss UNIQUE 2011 and won a $1150 scholarship by Microsoft.

I AM UNIQUE People´s Choice was chosen by audiences via Microsoft Tag Reader  app, which our honour sponsor MICROSOFT STUDENT EXPERIENCE prepare for this evening. The People´s Choice won a $750 and the chosen one was Rehka Gurung.

The BIG thank to people from Microsoft who gave as amazing prices and they could not be there because of lots of work in over sea, to Caryl, Lydia, Parvin, Michelle and many others from House of Fraser in Worcester, to Martin from Prettify Design, who made the most important image of I AM UNIQUE, to Matt from Tramps Nightclub who was positive and very supportive, Mr. DJ, who was so nice to us, people from Inky´s, Diva Academy and Chocolate Shop in the Fryer street and Flower shop in St. Johns, to SHOUT team, Alix and Mayto who was following us by their cameras as well as Laura, who made our interview during I AM UNIQUE night, to Dmitry who was fantastic with his NIKON and Ida who help him the night. Can´t forget to girls who help me in backstage, Natalia and Ghana, to Jodie and Fiona for help to raise money for Breast Cancer. To Hugo and Aistis who care about VIP people and public in front. And many other friends, who help us to promote I AM UNIQUE. Oops, almost forget to thank to Don and Demi, they were absolutely gorgeous during the night. (Btw.  they wore a House of Fraser too, Biba and Criminal brands) .

The REALLY BIG THANK to I AM UNIQUE 2011 contestants, Alex, Shalayna, Silvia, Laurie, Siobhan, Papi, Caroline, Giedre and our People´s Choice Rekha, Vice Miss UNIQUE Sukunya and mainly MISS UNIQUE 2011 TRANG. THANK YOU GIRLS so much, all of us made a new friends and I believe that you enjoyed it as we did.

THANK YOU ON BEHALF OF I AM UNIQUE Team, Radana, Yulia and Elisa, who worked very hard to make this happen.

All of our sponsor, contestants, friends who helped and we are so thankful for the opportunity.


Radana, Yulia, Elisa
The I AM UNIQUE team

Written by Radana

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