NYC Fashion Week; good title


Have you ever think about when you write a title for instance on how people will react? Or people who write the titles about NYC Fashion Week. Is it eyes catching right?

I just found myself to browse a new looks on and my favourite ones as a every day routine. After around 500 looks, when you almost don´t think what the people wear, but just concentrate what you like, maybe even not this, but just looking and sometimes hyped the look, I found very interested title. Well, normal as usual, but something was different. Let´ s see what you think.

„These pants are made for wearing! Click to see more pix:)!“ by Kate. P from Poland

Nothing strange right? Imagine then you automatically do what someone will tell you. I did not think what I am doing and automatically clicked on the bottom to see more pics. Why I wanted see more? Why I didn´t look to someone profile before Kate? It is like you follow a common expression ´Jump from the window´ or something like that. Would you ever do it? Probably not. Why we follow something, if we are not fully concentrated on the subject? I am laughing to myself right now. It is normal situation for all of us but why this is happened? :D Well, this is the psychical side, you can try find the answer yourself.

The advice at the end, probably for bloggers, is to make a very productive title to chip in someone´s attention. It can just simply say: “DO IT”.

Love, Radana.

PS: How many people visited this post to think that is someting about Fashion Week in NY?

Well just something to not regret it; photos of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

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