my year, all about “21″


Well let start:
Tuesday 2nd March 2010, I had a birthday party in my halls of residence for students in England. Funny photo right. I was so scared.

After my birthday we enjoyed with Martin and few friends a really beautiful sunny Easter Break.

About month later, we went to Sweden, visit Martin´s mum and enjoy the spring there. Malmö is such a beatiful city.

One day we had a trip to Copenhagen, which is 10 minutes far away by train from Malmö. Brilliant!

In may I decided to stay in England for summer, applied for a job, got the job in Next Retail Store, moved to Martin´s flat (now it is our flat). Have fun together in June in Drayton Manor – a theme park :).

Later in Summer time I applied for summer holiday! And then we weeeeent to Corfu in August!

After Corfuism, I decided to have my own blog, I planned everything during the time there, but I launched about few months later.

Some day in August we met my best friend from Czech Katie in London, she was on her way to Canada and because her plane landed in London, we decided to go for a dinner and little bit clubbing, uff that was really long day and night.

Many weekend we spent with Martin in Birmingham, just go shopping and drinking coffee in Starbuck is still our tradition. Not every weekend of course :).

In September Martin was invited for his boss wedding, so we packed our tent and go for a really unique wedding. You should see the arch, was amazing, among trees. We enjoyed a lot. Only one thing, I could not wear heels, because the ceremony and then party continued on the grass :D.

In October, Martin´s dad invited us for a weekend to the beach hotel called Sandbanks in south of England, where was a Ladies Festival, we had a dinner about seven courses. The wheater was great too, sun was shining and we spent plenty of time chilling out on the beach.

Somewhere in November I found the blogger´s world, I posted few my posts such as advice how to protect your sking againts sun etc. I found, and other personal bloggers. Few months later,,, It still took time before I decided how my blog will look like and the main thing waht I am going to write about.

Btw. I went few times on the special occasional parties, such as my friend birthday and Hallowen party!!

Few days before when I should go home for a Christmas break, we went for other wedding. This time it was to London. We had such a nice time, it was very classic wedding. We took a photo in photobooth, so cool :).

In December, when I went for Christmas break back to Czech, visit my family. Martin went with me for a couple of days. I decided to start posting my style. I traveled only with few pieces so  where is such a cold winter, but you have to start some way. This time I also find the way how to finally make a nice header, well hope you like it.

I did not have a plenty of time, as a full time international student, I had before exams and had to handed my assignments too. But I was still thinking about my blog. I also was very busy with I AM UNIQUE competition, which I orgnanised and I ll be comment it later in this post.

I spent such a nice time with my family for Christmas btw.

For a New Year I went again to Sweden, visit Martin and he suprised me with tickets to Stockholm to celebrate a New Year 2011 there.

Between these months of starting my blog, studying and other my responsibilities I had to think mainly about I AM UNIQUE 2011 competition. I was one of the leader of this contest. Basically it was the most important months for me, we started in October/November from completely scatch and the final was held on Thursday 10th February.

You might think that is plenty of time, but believe me, it was not! In January we start have our meetings with sponsors, castings, auditions and many other things, just to be sure that everything will go well.

I AM UNIQUE contest was a little bit fashion talent show, where 11 girls were chosen to show their talent in making recycle dresses and showed us their ability to work in stress etc. They were introduced in three stages. 1. Fashion Show sponsored by House of Fraser. 2. Trashy Design 3. I AM UNIQUE part.

Our sponsor, which we are very proud were Microsoft Student Experience, who provided a first price $1250 for Miss UNIQUE and 2nd $750 for People´s Choice voted via Microsoft Tag Reader app. House of Fraser lent us a dresses for each of the contestants, performance and presenters and also provided a 3rd price for Vice Miss UNIQUE, a completely make over and photoshoot by MISS TAKE PHOTOGRAPHY and I will be honour to style this photoshoot. (Few of these photos I´ll show you when it will be done). You have to be patient.

Until 10th February was the busiest time for me, that I never imagine before. Everyting went very well that evening, so success was on our side and I AM UNIQUE has got its winners :)

After I AM UNIQUE I could finally relax little bit. I tried to updated my blog every day, the season of Fashion weeks started as well. Unfortunately I did not go for any of the show, but I watched online on my laptop. Look at my recent posts, you will find some useful photos, details etc. I laso updated my blog and other fashion pages about few of my looks:

and finally yesterday. 2nd March 2011. I celebrated again. We went for a dinner, it was actually suprise dinner, I did not know that my friends will wait there for me, it was such a nice time and I am so thankful to Martin that he did this for me and my friends too.

Check what I wore as a birthday girl and what I got too after jump.

Love. Radana.

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