Time goes by so slowly


Another day, not really to talk about that, I am now really busy with my PR assignment, btw. I choose really interesting topic, well, for me it is really excited to work on that. I have to produce a PR plan by designing an activities for company of my choice. I chose MANGO and I am gonna launch in that work cooperation with Fashion Target Breast Cancer, so I am designing a brief about event (of course fashion show, where Mango continue their previous campaign Mango Loves Bloggers (I am sure you heard about that, check it out on their website), as well as plan for photoshoot (so some dexcription to photographer), newsletter and media release etc. I just realise, I shoudnt maybe tell you before my deadline :D nevermind. Enjoy your sunny weather.

Love. Radana.

Trousers by NEXT
Shirt by NEXT
Heels by ROSA ROSA


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