Hello again!


I am sorry guys, that I haven´t updated my blog for a while, but my life right now received so many changes, that it was just unbelievable.

First of all I moved out form my olf flat to summer one. I am gonna take some photos later, now it is really messy here. Second of all, I got a fashion internship, but I had to declined the offer, I would not be able to work hard at the same with university, which I really regret that, but I am so happy as well, that I was the one chossen. So that means I am going to Italy at the end of May – to Milan then by Car to Pisa and fiishing in Rome for few days, I really wanna go finally! The last part is bed news, I am single again, or is that a good news? who knows.

Love. Radana.

PS: My favourite red lipstick on the photo, can´t be without it!

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