A little airbrush workroom with my LV


I n my dad little airbrush workroom. It is just amazing what you can do with the little airbrush gun. If I would have time I would try to spray something nice, but you know – our dad´s hobbies – you can´t touch anything! At least I took few photos inside and then continue on the patio outside, where the light was much better. I chose to wear a men style of trousers, which I cut and ripped them myself few years ago. My favourite handbag always waits for me back at home, I like the thing about LV, that you can wear it with a ripped jeans and you will still look stylish. I admit that I could wear some heels with this style, so maybe next time.

Have a nice weekend love bucks and stay tunned to TheCzechGirl and glamorousby.tumblr.com.

Love. Radana.

Jeans by REPORTER (polish brand)
Belt – vintage
Handbag by Louis Vuitton Paris

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