BLOGGER CONTEST: Chanel Show | Fashiolista

Descritption of the whole look:
I chose the black and white effect of the blazer and leather shorts as main Chanel colours. To destroy the monotonous of the colours, I chose the electric yellow top and heels with bright colours. To receive a smart Chanel look, I use a glasses ála 70s. The shiny gold cluth will make the whole style look more glamorous with a little details on the top of the heel. To keep it simple I chose only hair pin and Chanel bracelet, which makes the whole look preciously done.

If you like this style and would like to help me to win this blogger contest, which starts today and will finish at the end of July, please click on this link at fashiolista and like my preciously chosen look for the Chanel Show. It will mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Love. Radana.

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