world of denim


I was desperate for wearing a denim one day, so  I did wear the denim yesterday. My favourite is always light jeans and the jacket, together with something white, as an expression of innocence. I love my old vintage denim jacket that I found few years ago in second hand shop, at the back of the jacket is american flag with shape of heart. Did I mention that a shape of heart is important for me? When I was little I collected necklaces with hearts, it might sound silly, but it has a worth for me. I can´t really explain that, but I am sure everyone has something.

It would probably take a PhD
to understand why some things are so meaningful to us. Doesn’t matter,
though. I love what I love and that is all I need to know.

Enjoy your day loves.

Love. Radana.

Jeans by ZARA
Dress by
Sandals by MANGO
Necklace by H&M
Handbag by LV Paris

PS: If you like pieces what I would wear for the Chanel show, please click on the photo below and vote for me. I will appreciate that a lot with love.

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