Let me tell you a short story about my favourite T-shirt.

Yesterday, a very nice day for shopping. I went to return one dress, but I bought them again, that is just sometimes me, can´t decided if I want something or not… Well, to continue with my story what happenened …. I was walking in the city, the sun was shining, I didn´t pay attention to the people around, but this was a bit shock.  Little boy in the strolley just shout on me ´baattttmaaan´. Well, don´t have to tell you about the cute guys who were standing around, but that´s as usual has to happened. But the little boy just shouted on me that??? what do you think, I was a bit suprise. It took me a longer then usual to realize and look at down to my T- shirt. My lovely, gorgeous, amazing, vintage T-shirt with a Batman motive was on my chest. Then I understood.

This T-shirt has remebered a lot since I was born, actually since my brother was born. He was the first one who wore the cute, old batman shirt. Who would ever imagine, after 28 years, it is gonna be my favourite top to wear. It is so comfy, I like how it looks, if I wear it. You can see the vintage. And it is a great memory on my brother and our childhood. That time, it had to cost maybe 15Ksč, which is less than 50p. But the best thing, I just love this T-shirt, even if my mum hate it, because it is old and menly, but I love it, the fact that anyone else don´t like it either.

I am sure everyone has some piece, if it is clothes or toy or something else, we just love that, and won´t to give away. So…It is time to find your piece ;). Enjoy.

Love. Radana.

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