that´s winehouse day


|Jakcet by VEROMODA, Dress by ATMOSPHERE, Belt by ATMOSPHERE, Boots by INFINITY, Ring by DIVA |

I haven´t wear my leather black jacket for ages and when I saw it in my wardrobe, I just had to take it. I love to mixed the styles like this gentle girly dress with the hard rock black jacket. I love the contrasts. You can also see my new boots, a bit of cowboy style, bought them in a sale and the quality is really lovely. Need to take a proper photos of them.  You can also see, I used a belt as a necklace and gold necklace as a bracelet. Sometimes, you need to improvise to get the effect that you want to receive. Otherwise, it wouldn´t be fun.

What are you doing on Sunday afternoon? To be honest, I am just on the way to buy a flight ticket somewhere to a warm place, might be Italy again, maybe Amsterdam (not sure if I am gonna help myself to go to Netherlands – hear that is raining there), but definetely return ticket to Czech ;). let me know if you have any tips for some two day trip. Well, if not that, we might see each other on the BigChill festival ;). Have a lovely rest of the Sunday.

Love. Radana.

PS: Today, all day belong to Amy Winehouse and her reggae album Back to Black. It is really good one and her voice was just amazing. RIP to you Amy.



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