Finally, in few days I am going to receive a package with my favourite eau de toilette BABYDOL by YSL. I always buy this perfume at the airport, but since christmas (a while ago) I haven´t manage to buy any, because it is no longer available. “My little, sweet babydoll, stay with me, don´t want to find any other. Babydoll is just the one and always will be.” I hope tomorrow or after weekend, someone will ring on my door with the pink love. If I have to do everything to get it, I will… I will fly around world for you.  Look at the review by Sephora and some other details:

Baby Doll speaks to the woman who is naturally young at heart. She is sophisticated, yet clings to the lightheartedness of youth. A precocious beauty with a sweet, sensitive side, she’s the center of attention and life of the party.Pink outside, pink inside, and chic in between, Baby Doll To Go comes in a miniature, faceted crystal bottle, shaped like a spinning top, with a golden stopper. Small yet extravagant, this Baby Doll can be taken anywhere.

  • Launched: 1999
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Availability: In Production
  • Perfumer: Ralf Schwieger
  • Bottle Designer: Unknown




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