|H&M top, NEXT trousers, H&M glasses, MANGO heels, VINTAGE necklace, NEXT handbag|

I love this outfit, just simply black, the top shows little big of elegance as well as party girl, heels with handbag and the glasses shows that I am not a boring girl from Czech ;). The necklace is just ´a cream on the top´, I got it from my grandmu, maybe from my mum, don´t really remember that. The whole effect – I really do like to mix the elegance with the old school stuff. Will try more of that by finding  more of the vintage stuff in the next couple of days what I am here in Czech. Maybe I can find some interesting stuff  in my mum wardrobe.  Then when I´ll be back in the UK, I have got other exciting news too. Take care.

Love. Radana.

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