boohoo.special.part 2: a/w ranges.


One of the reason why I came to boohoo HQ was to see the new autumn/winter ranges. As I am fashion addicted, I really enjoyed it. I´ve seen the boohoo new Off duty collection, vintage pieces, party dresses, animal inspired and smarts pieces, as well as lots of accessories.

You know, can you see the smile on my face below? Like trying not to show my excitement of the rail behind me. Well, I felt like at home.

Below you´ll see few pieces, which you should definitely get this season – the animal print. Like this blazer with leopard motives, the fur coat or the wedges. I am very glad that the range includes so many of different shapes with animal pattern. Just a little advice for you guys, there is a tricky fact, when you want to wear for example this leopard blazer, it can make the opposit effect than you would want. With the word tricky I mean, be carefull where you will wear it. Especially, there is a low cost of the material. Not saying it is bad thing, but it doesn´t work that well all together with this blazer. The shape will make your hips a bit huge than normal,  it is not cut as usual blazer to make your figure look sexy. Normally this should be a sporty shape, but with the print it doesn´t really make look right. So not all pieces will look as from expensive designer show room. The fur coat looks perfect on the other hand, the different bottoms are very smart.

Definitely go for this glitter effect this season. Especially gold is coming back again, even it hasn´t disappear from my wardrobe at all. Love everything what make gold look as a real, if you know what I mean ;).  I think the shirt below is my favourite piece so far, so it will for sure take place in my wardrobe.

Some of the Real Women were looking very stylish. I had to take few photos of them, it is very inspiring. Look at that, the hot colours of this season: vinous trouser or leggins are hot, beige and yellow – definitely YES, some combination with goldish accessories – just amazing. And heels, just perfect, make you feel as a ´REAL WOMEN´.  Well done girls.

Just to make my site more interesting – Dj that day.

I met very nice people from the boohoo team.

Here you go,  lace details are still taking place this season.

I am generally off duty fashion person, I really like the  sloppiness. The boohoo collection has got few off duty pieces which stand out and I really like them, but I woudn´t say  it is strong enough as other brand like Topshop.  But when you compare the price, not saying any other word.

So that´s enough for now with my boohoo experience, I am really glad that I could be part of it. Made my first shor review about brand on my blog. I hope you like that. Defintely check the site, I am sure you will find very fashionable pieces for very less, as I am going to do same. For my non-enlgish followers, especially my lovely Czech readers, you can order from boohoo site too, because boohoo delivers to all European coutries too. :) For this new pieces, you will have to wait little bit longer, but it will be available online soon ;).

Stay tuned as I am trying to update very often, not every day is the lucky day. In that case, follow me on

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Keep looking. Love. Radana.


I was wearing:

Beige leather skirt by ABS
White top by NEW LOOK
Sandals by H&M
Necklace found in charity shop


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