James Kearns, the leather man


This post might be new for you, but sometimes you have to try something different. I always talk about female fashion, but let´s give it a go once for now. This time it is worth it, trust me. Because this time, I am going to share with you my ´attitude´ about this guy.

I am definitely fan of men casual ´street´ style, if you can see the cultural influence in every single designed piece, the effect of the whole wearable outfit, how the material works. But I haven´t seen the potential in any young male designer yet (at least not the ones that I like), till now. 

James Kearns is up and coming English designer based in London. His fashion style is very unique as he expresses his work himself. He focuses not only on menswear design, but also on womenswear, footwear, accessories and jewellery. So ladies, we will have something to be thrilled by in early future. He uses eccentric techniques to make his designs look very exclusive. As a talented young designer he has already sense for significant impact in his career and I hope we are going to see more than just leather shoes and bags. 

Let´s have a look on the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. There are four different types of blazers from pig skin (see the photo above), which is very unusual,  makes the design and its use of material very unique as we said already. Each one of the designs has got a specific name; the waxed grey, leather white, leath black and suede black. The reason why I picked to introduce James is the piece on the photo below.

The Waxed Grey Blazer amazed me the most; not just the grey shiny effect, which is a big plus, but you can see how the shapes of the blazer fit accordingly to the models body (you can almost feel it by looking at the photo). I found that irreplaceable if you want to wear any type of blazer, either if it is men or women shape and very appealing, if the designer picks unusual leather like this one. It makes the item special and priceless. And can you see the metal buttom? That´s how it made with sense of detail. This season, dark grey leather is the perfect choice. Well done, James. 

To be honest, I will be very flattered to see more of his design in a future. And I am confident to say, not just me. 

With Love,
Source: tellusfashion.com/James-Kearns
Written by Radana for the Independent Fashion Bloggers Contest 


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