love da ´unique´ hat


H&M pink hat, Next trousers, Veromoda leather jacket, Zara ankle boots, Next Clutch

Something to think about…

How do we know that everyone in this world is unique? Who came with that? Are monozygotic (non-identical) twins unique as well?  How do we know that our life is secured? You don´t. Everyone is feeling unique and also everyone is secured in their homes, but what if something will happen? Who will help you? What about children who were born with any diseases? Who does help them? Moreover is the society taken them as unique too? Isn´t it cruel judging them as unique? Are we scared to talk about it?

This year I decided to support children with threatened life through Acorns Children´s Hospice by organising fashion event called I AM UNIQUE. Does it make me unique? …  I know one thing, even if it makes me unique, it makes me stronger to know that I could help to make at least one child happier.

Visit I AM UNIQUE site

Donate online through ´just giving´ here


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