New Year celebration in Wales


Hi guys,

today is already January 3, 2012 and I did not manage you write even Happy New Year or post something nice. On 31st I left to Wales and I was without service all three days. Well, at least I had proper holiday, not stressed out about writing lovely texts to all my friends or be connected to internet. This time of the year is very busy for me, examination week is coming up soon, I have to study properly, it is my last year of university, tomorrow I have been invited to my friends house for Midnight Dinner Party, so I will not have that much of sleep. They will be filming a story, as part of who they are, check them out here. And of course I am coming to Czech after my exams and then Fashion Weeks. :)

Here is little catch up what I was doing for New Year, to show you it was worth it. I may also post my year 2011 in pictures, which I have planned for 1st January. And if you do not follow me on facebook, you should do so to find my 2012 blogging/fashion resolutions. I have also personal one, but that´s just my secret ;). so HAPPY NEW YEAR again, hope you enjoyed your ´SILVESTER´ – that´s how we called it in Czech.

We had lots of food of course :)

Scrabble and other board games are perfect for spending time in warm cottage

little bit tired after few hours sleep

On our way from Wales to England

I was wearing:

1. style
H&M pink hat
Next Cardigan
Topshop basic top
Converse sneakers
Vintage leopard scarf

2. style
H&M basic top and jeans
TOPSHOP suede ankle boots
Vintage leopard scarf
Vintage Wooden beads

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