Here are some necessary things, that I realize I can´t be currently without. So I decided this morning, I will share it with you. I chose only small stuff, which can fit in your handbag. So here we go:

My new headphones. I got them mostly because I like their design not because of the sound, however the sound is not bad at all ;).

Of course my baby blog, it has been a year and few days since I gave it the original header. But I am in progress of changing some small/big details, so I might have to say Good Bye to Well, lets not do radical conclusions, as I preparing hopefully something more exciting for you , my readers ;).

My iPhone, it was difficult decision to leave my great Nokia, but with iPhone so many things seems to be easier. So I just love this little multi essential thing.
There is also a dvd of September Issue about Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. I love this documentary movie and I also completely forgot I have one, so I was watching it last night. It is very inspiring and shows a little of what hard work to work in fashion is. You can also see, how someone does not understand the World of Fashion. I have unfortunately the same feeling from people around me,  either closest friend, family or people who you just meet, only few of them understand…. I am  also still young to discover it all, but I am looking forward to do it very soon. But it is already hard work!

I AM UNIQUE, I am sure I mentioned, however, I never explain what I Am Unique actually is. I Am Unique  is an event with a heart in the heart of Worcester (UK). It is fashion project based on charity fundraising, and I am one of the coofounders (we launched it last year), also taking care of PR and of course styling ;). It is very honour for me to be in charge still this year, because I Am Unique decided support the local charity – Acorns Children Hospice – the life threatened children. If you are interested to have this amazing purple I Am Unique bracelet for £2 (+ £1 post stamp) do not hesitate send me an email, in the other hand, there is another chance to get involve, as you can donate via online page JUST GIVING. It would be great, and even £2 are amazing.

JUST GIVING/I Am Unique Worcester – please donate here.

My YSL pink lipstick, just perfect for my me, love this colour.

The main thing for me that I will never go anywhere without. My Moleskine notebook. This small little leather black thing is so necessary for me. You never know, when and where the best ideas come from, so I always have it with me to write little notes. I love it mostly in a coffee shop, it is so inspiring place. One special person told me, go to coffee shop and enjoy it (I never done it before, but I do now), that person also gave me this Moleskine. So thank you so much for that, because I discovered how small things are very important, even we don´t know about it yet.

And I can´t forget about my personal favourite Eue de Toilete, Babydoll by YSL. I found it many years ago, thanks to my mum. She knows what I like and gave it to me as a present, when I was teenager. It has been many years with my Babydoll, however, it might be the last year too, as it will not be available in any store anymore. Very sad for me. But I am in the middle of finding the next Babydoll. :)

1. Urbanears Headphones.
2., my personal style blog diary.
3. The September Issue – documentary movie (2009)
4. iPhone 4s.
5. I Am Unique – own fashion charity project -> if you would like to help us, please donate here – every little helps.
6. YSL Rouge Volupté – 7 Rose Lingerie (Lingerie Pink)
7. Moleskine Notebook
8. YSL Babydoll, Eue de Toilete

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