First minutes in my home


Here is my first days, hours and minutes in Czech, in my beautiful home. I haven´t manage to take properly photos, only with my iPhone. So far I manage to have my second Christmas with parents, I visit few shops and got something new ;), like that beige hat, which I fall in love, even it is about size bigger, but I got it only for £2, so you believe me I couldn´t leave it there. I met one of my old friend in coffee shop/restaurant here in Tabor. We went to one of my favourite one. Unfortunately, we haven´t talk that much, as I received call almost for 40 minutes from UK, so I have to arrange to go somewhere with her again. Yesterday evening, while I was watching movie with my parents, I had in my mind one look, what I could wear for LFW, as I bought one dress with feathers in sale, so I had to draw it down. Nothing special, but it helps me sometimes make interesting looks. And tonight I have meeting regarding one thing, what I am planning to do for a long time, it is not regarding my blog but my future, and I am very proud of it, but will see how it goes, yay. Stay tunned.

My new hat.

Notes with wishes in the Coffee Shop/Restaurant.

Photos by me and Fiska

I was wearing:

Leggins with sneak print from AMISU
Coat and handbag borrowed from my mum
Hat by GATE
Ankle Boots by TOPSHOP

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