Pink jumper stands out at the LFW


This pink jumper and the gold necklace took lots of attentions during 1st day in London Fashion Week, which I already mentioned, also my Steve Madden bag received some positive feedback, which I was more than happy to hear that. I know how terrible I am right now with my time management, and this supposed to be on already few days ago, but I hope you understand, I am in my final year at the university, and working on my dissertation is now be my praority (of course I had to wait after fashion week), however, it brings me so many new opportunities, which I am very excited about. I also mentioned I´ll be launching new blog soon, which takes time as well, but I am sure you will love it. Enjoy this post, I hope you like my outfit, and check back soon. Love. Radana.

Jumper by Atmoshpere
Necklace from Primark (75p btw.)
Earing by River Island
Heels, jacket and leather skirt by H&M

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