balloon night


It has been a long week my lovely readers. My final month at University and dissertation is here and I am working hard to achieve what I want. So please bare with me. While I am not posting as often I would love to, I am available and I send posts to Instagram that I recently join, Pinterest, my new friend on the go and Facebook, another social media that I start learning to use, make my blogging life more interesting. Follow me with platform that suit you the best ;).

Balloons Night happened few days ago. My friend from Czech came over and we sort of celebrate her birthday, which they are btw. today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GIRL!!! So I decided to make here a suprise with balloons, not sure how did she get them on the plane but you know, it made the atmoshpere at the place and the cake much better, haha.  So that was it. Have a lovely rest of the evening. Love. Radana.

Všechno nejlepší Klárko!

Photos were taken by my iPhone

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