hair salon experience


One of my birthday presents that I wished for was new hair. I got it from my amazing friends by great people at UMBERTO GIANNINI hair studio (btw. they were helping us with I Am UNIQUE, so I was exciting even more). I wanted to get my hair done for so long, but I never had the right time for it, till this afternoon. While ago, I jumped there quickly for consultation, described what I want, and they suggested something else to keep my hair healthy looking  – i follow they advice and I am so greatful for that. Afterwards… it did not make the effect that I wanted to have: platinum blond. Now I have regular highlihgts what I usually had since I was little, but I paid twice more, that´s UK. to received the colour what I want, I need to come there at least three more times .. I am also happy I will finish Uni soon (UNI = no money). Except the price, everything from care till last minute spending there was absolutaly fantastic. So thank you to my friends.

Enjoy your evening. R.xx

On my way to the salon

I wore:
RIVER ISLAND T- shirt with New York on my chest
H&M ballerinas


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