Photo Diary, day 2: France, Provence


I am back, finally, finished my bachelor degree, now just waiting for the results only, but I have great news, now I have plenty of time for my blog and you my readers, so I will make sure to keep you updated by everyday post. I hope it is gonna be worth it.

Here are the photos from sunny Provence that I went end of April, just reminder, it was my late Easter vacation, before I have finished my  dissertation about blogginng, fashion and PR. If you ask me, I can say I am so knowledgeable about everything around blog and PR right now :D and fashion of course, but I guess that is the point of dissertation right? Well still have lots of photos that I have to go through, plus I have to sort out my future plans, so not that easy as you wish though. But I wish you great weekend.

I wore:

ZARA Waistcoast
MARNI FOR H&M Silver Metal Sandals
ZARA T-shirt ´Never Forever´
H&M black basic jeans

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