France diary, day 3


Even though I wished it was hotter then that I didn´t have to wear a jacket at least, but better than the English weather for sure. Day 3, we decided going to visit Marseille, an hour away from the lovely Menerbes Village, I was so dissapointed, Marseille is just like Birmingham here in UK, you can´t meet locals at all, the city is dirty, and nothing really there, and of course windy – wind is my enemy on the move. After a long walk looking for a place, where we could sit for a cup of coffee and lunch later on, we found a nice place. I can´t compare it to Avignon or Montepellier, I wasn´t lucky enough to even find some local brands where I could get some french styles, well it was Sunday, I guess, everything was closed, but I did not see anything. Stop about my travel diary, that´s not why I am doing it, but I had to share my experience. I didn´t bring much to wear, as it was just a weekend, but this Mango jumper was worth it, so comfortable. See a list below what I was wearing.


I was wearing:

MANGO jumper
MARNI for H&M metal sandals
ZARA handbag

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