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Over the two weeks, my life have changed from being student to a working lady, it is a big step I have to say. I have met so many new people within an industry, make few new contacts and discovered lots of new and ‘old’ brands (old as a expression for my lack of knowledge, well you can’t really know all the brands out there). Right now I am preparing a post about a new brand that took my eye couple weeks ago, they first collection Autumn/Winter is fabulous, it is something that I was looking for ages, and I can’t wait to get some piece – but no more words about it, stay tunned. For tomorrow, I have planned to share with you a new launching campaign by Burberry, so if you want to know more and see some photos behind the scene, who is the new face and many more, check back tomorrow.

This couple weeks was also so exciting and exhausting, which you will see below through my Instagram posts (you can find me as @RadanaHruba), I have just move to a new place (yes, again), and obviously I don’t have internet setted up, any advice for a good provider in UK? Well, wish me luck, asap I got it, I will show you more of my fashion world. Enjoy my Insta post.

I have finished my degree and all of it now exists only in a folder :)

Have started a new job, and look what do we work with, Hultquist Jewellery and Essie nailpolishes.

There is always time for cocktails, celebrating the end of my Uni.

Waiting for the Torch to see the Olympic flame that have passed my city.

The time when I have realises I should probably start eating healthier again, Smoothie for lunch was great.

The Sundays lunch in Czech are always big an unhealthy, the ones in UK are not different.

Few days ago I was wearing H&M top and sandals.

My little mess during moving out yesterday, uff.

And today at work, this teddy bear took my eyes again. Vivienne Westwood necklace.

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