Modelling for Battenberg-Cartwright


Battenberg-Cartwright is a real artist. As I will explain it in more detail: There are two people behind the name. Battenberg-Cartwright is a collective of two artists, who has a same soul and has started working together under a same roof. Moreover, they are a real couple, in a real life. But! If you would know Battenberg-Cartwright more closely, you know there is a big thing going on. The couple ´thing´ is just an attitude of their artistic work that they have also put it on paper, which have impressed the world and allowed them to grow fast. The German media haven´t stop talking about their Berlin Fashion Show and that already been two weeks ago. The real artist Battenberg-Cartwright has a passion about what they do, and moreover, they are really good friends too. So how did I end up doing a walk for their art wear show ´When Kafka met Kahlo?´ No doubt, but there is few words of what you should know about this show:

“When Kafka met Kahlo is an eco clothing collection which coincides with the artist Battenber-Cartwright´s most recent artwork, a video installation entitled Tales from Prague. The collection is based around a couple that have never met: an imaginary encounter of Franz Kafka and Frida Kahlo”.

To see more of their work visit their website here.

Ida Pettersson Photography
James Alexander Eagle Photography

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