London 2012


This not a usual post on The Czech Girl, but I thought while I live in UK and this Olympics are happening here just right now, so why not? It is anyway part of everybody. It has all started in May: In May till today, the Olympic Torch have passed through most of the cities within UK. I have seen the torch when it came to Worcester, so proud to be here to be fair. You feel the atmosphere everywhere; everyone is talking about it :).

The photo at the top was taken during Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony in Greece in the beginning of May, and after all, everyone was waiting when it will arrive to UK.

A fantastic logo from 1960 designed for Olympics in Rome, isn´t great?

The Tower Bridge Olympic Rings in London, spectacular.

And here we go, today at 9pm (UK time), 10pm (Czech time) the Opening Ceremony will begin. London is getting slowly busy. But I just love it. I will definitely be supporting the Czech National Team, and of course, I keep an eye, how England is doing.  So to all my readers all over the world, good luck with supporting and let it begins! :)


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