The July Style Diary


It´s end of the month and again, another diary is here. This time I concentrates more on the founds during my shopping and travelling. I hope you find it inspiring. I did also add some pieces to my never ending wishlist.

I saw Diane Von Furstenberg bikini during my shopping in Bicester Village, a shopping outlet near London. They are a similar to ones that we already seen here; do you remember? Very popular style of the current season.

I have accidentally landed on Betty Barclay collection, while I was browsing an English women´s buyer magazine at work. Finding this style just got me into a fabric experimenting mood. The patterned trousers will be a great success during autumn, so go ahead and get some on high street retailers or designers´ stores.

This Marni shopper bag has suprised me with its size, but I found it quite cute. The colours are not exactly for me, but I though you may like it.

´The Loves´ that I found in D&G store. Can you see how they match with my 7FAM jeans?

This sneakers that I am still waiting for to arrive, have cost me just 16GBP :D, can you believe it? Even though I do shop on high street, but some prices still suprise me. Well, no doubt I have seen similar one from Hermés and Gucci that have catched my eye. A bad (maybe a good thing?) is, if you wait for few months, you´ll see the exact or similar copy on the high street. I have wait, and here we go!

My budget still not allow me to go crazy even little, so I am always on a hunt for a low variant of a very statment pieces. I have found a similar coat to the famous Burberry trench coat in All Saints. What do you think?

All photos taken with my iPhone.

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Store 
2. DVF Bikini
3. Betty Barclay Collection
4. Marni Shopper Bag
5. Dolce & Gabbana Yellow Heels
6. The ankle sneakers from New Look
7. All Saints Trench Coat


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