The one and only


A day in Czech is always so great, especially if you can go back in time. Last weekend I attended the Middle Ages Festival in Kralovství Danar (Danar Kingdom – the festival called like this), in place called Šelmberk. And as is my habit, do you remember this dress and shoes from last year? I have a wardrobe here in Czech, not that impressive, but I still love some pieces, so once upon a time, I wear it again and again. So apology if you get bored, but I am sure I will wear it next year again :D.

Btw. because I thought, Czech summer is always so warm, but my week is just cold, I had to borrow a hoody from my mum. Loven it, if you have same size with your mum. Stay tuned, because I will share some photos from the festival, and it is very interesting, especially if you don´t know what people were like in the Middle Ages, but after the jump. Love.

Dress by Troi Cinque
Hoodie from New Yorker
Bag by Steve Madden (old collection)
Ankle Boots by Baťa

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