Trend Spotlight – army jacket


This weekend and the following week, I have wanted to share with you some key pieces that deserves the attention for upcoming AW12, before everyone reveal it at the Fashion Weeks. It is my full time job to look at the trends and give styling advice, so why not? There is lots of pieces that should be hanging in your wardrobe…. Keep reading…

First of all, it is an army print, camo jacket. It has started already previous seasons, well many many years ago, if we look at the history (laughing). Mixing it with different styles; office skirt or evening dress will just added the vow and put it fashion forward.   Ough I probably talking about things you already know, OK so for now, enjoy you Saturday and send me an email, if you want to talk to me. R.

1. Hearts & Bows Vintage Camo Jacket

Find similar in your local hight street retailer : here and here

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