The sunshine flower star


Last week I got back from my holiday in sunny Istria. For you who doesn´t know this place, it is a place in Croatia, however the former part of Italy. People there are calling themselves Istrianian, I bet it is more polite to say I have been in Istria then Croatia, as half of them believe they should be still part of Italy. That´s why I love still going there every year. I believe everyone has a place that is like your second home, I have been going there since I was little kid and it is my really ´second home´.

This post and the following ones are dedicated to my readers from Croatia that has recently showed me their support. Thank you so much, I can´t do it without you :).

In this post I am wearing my Ray Ban sunglasses, American Vintage top, and scarf that I pick at a market.

Ray Ban sunglasses
American Vintage top
Necklace by Diva 

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