something has to be taken in world of fashion


With all the NYFW crazinest, seeing the designers collection online, believe me I would love to be in New York right now, who woudn´t of course. But this minute, exactly right now, I have found myself on the ledge of fashion. It is is absolutely different world when you look at it from the other side. Would you say if you woudn´t be into fashion that much, Anna Dello Russo is a unbelieveably a fashion icon? So many people have to think she probably fall down from the Planet X (called F Planet btw.), don´t you think?

Well, you are fortunately the fashion lover, who belives, AdR is ´THE FASHION ICON´! and this video above that have been released like ages ago. I know, I a bit too late with posting it, and I don´t have any excuse for it. However, don´t you just love fashion weeks and all the bloggers, who make such a diference with all the secretness from it since BrayBoy started his first occurence. Enough talking, but if you interested about people who I think are fashion icons, check back tomorrow, all in one from NYFW. Now get back to the FASHION SHOWER, play it again and memorize the rules, IT´S A MUST!!!

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