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This season I had the option to choose, either go to fashion week under my company name as a buyer, or under my blog as a who I am, who am I actually? Well, going as a buyer doesn´t have much opportunity to use all the equipment as a press does in Media launch, however it showed me the opposit side of LFW, the commercial way of how all exhibitors and people who works there treat you. As a buyer, I could do no matter I had in my mind, as the lady at the exhibiton desk told me! Did I want to take a zoo with me? No problem, you are the buyer! (exluding the press room, where is the access strickly just for press with a right badge).

One of the last one, but very eye catching collection that I saw, however not my favourite, we will get there in few hours/days of sorting out photos that I took, was collection by Christopher Raeburn, a NEWGEN and British Fashion Award winner. All the explorative designs, using innovative approach fuels, also in appearance, turns out as one of the strenght of Christopher Raeburn. But how creative is to take out the map from your school books and use it as a design? Here we go, some people just got it, and some are just still waiting for it!

My last thought: Oh dear, take off your shirt, I don´t know where we going!


Chritopher Raeburn SS13 at LFW

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