The Summer Autumn Nostalgy


In this post I did look my archive and the why and question mark is written below. But believe me, I would love to be somewhere very hot right now as I have been in Istria few weeks ago.

An autumn is for some countries a summer and logically for the rest an Autumn. A few weeks ago I was still able to wear shorts and top, however in this time, back in UK, the weather is playing with us and there is hardly an option for me to do my work; shooting my outfit outdoor (I call it my blogging work, how original).

In the meantime, I should probably take a benefit from the rainy weather, as living and blogging in a country such as UK supposed to be an advantage, but there is the question: Is there actually any successful blog based in UK that concentrates on style outfits? We recognize Susie of Susie Bubble blog or Sandra of 5inch and UP. Susie has a great vision on fashion and have a great critics that has followed her since anytime and Sandra, I would say travels the ‘ the world’ (meaning, outside the UK), otherwise I don’t know how she does it.

As I am still questioning myself, it always bring me back to miserable position, but there is always a great way out! Why I didn’ t think more about start shooting indoor? I am working in a great place where we have a photography studio? How did I never thought about to use it. At least i can save something to not travel the world just for my shooting (well, let’ s stay in reality, shall we?). Of course, so if you another blogger with a same nature problem, keep smiling, there is a solution!!!


I wore:

American Vintage Top
River Islands shorts
Quicksilver flipflops
Gate scarf
Ray Ban sunglasses


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