Outfit | daytime leopard and cream style


TCG outfit jumper  09

TCG outfit jumper  12

TCG outfit jumper  11

TCG outfit jumper  20

TCG outfit jumper  18

TCG outfit jumper  10

TCG outfit jumper  16

TCG outfit jumper  13

H&M Jumper | Veromoda leather jacket | Citizens of Humanity Jeans | H&M necklace | Office leopard shoes

This jumper is so causy that I´d like to wear it quite often when the plus one happens here in UK. If you know little bit how´s the weather like here, you know what I am talking about. My leather jacket is with me alredy 5 or 6 years and it is the kind of piece that kicks out any outfit. And of course leather takes you through one season to another.  Right now I have very black and white season, it wasn´t just a week – since Christmas, I bought 3 pairs of shoes and all of them are black. This ones, thanks to my other sense, are at least with leopard print. I always adore leopard.

Next week, I can´t wait as I am going for a holiday to Czech, do little sight seeing with my booy :), visit my parents, and go by the mountains to enjoy the proper snow. Probably, this jumper will go with me :D.

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