Outfit | how to wear boyish army print sweatshirt


TCG army print outfit 9

TCG army print outfit 13

TCG army print outfit 15

TCG army print outfit 28

TCG army print outfit 3

TCG army print outfit 24

 Vince Camuto Boots | Vintage necklace | H&M hat | Worn By sweatshirt

I am wearing a boyish sweatshirt by Worn By. I´d love to add something unexpected as is this vintage necklace that most likely looks like I took it from my grandmother cabinet full of jewellery. Well, that´s who I am, I believe I got this one from a Swedish flea market.   Mix unecpected few items that you think they don´t go together, borrow a piece from your boyfriend wardrobe and wear it as it is yours. I love that feeling :)

Right now, I am on my holiday, follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates (as long as I have a wifi connection, but I´ll try my best). I will keep you posted.

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