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TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5440

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5449

Hello beautiful,

here is my little ‘brainwork’  about this outfit. I divided it in three parts (as a little test) to find out if it is easier to read it through. I might be using it more often in particular posts in a future, so you know. Keep reading.

PRINT: I finally got a printed trousers and I love them, but I do really want to experiment with prints little bit more. So I am looking for a perfect pieces as a complete look, trousers and jacket that I could wear together or separately. Of course, the blogosphere was ‘fringed’ with printed outfits all the way from beginning of this and previous seasons. But I always have my  time that feels right. That’ s about to be yourself (#1). But I wonder, what do you think about prints?

BASICS: As I mentioned in my previous posts, I love basics. This American Vintage Grey Tee goes so well with my patterned trousers and it is so easy to wear. So if you thinking of wearing a print, but it may or not be the way how you dress, but want to experiment (which is great), dress it down with natural colour tops or bottoms, as I have done here. However, don’t ever forget about my thoughts above (aka #1).

COLOUR: I was never fun of blue, but this season. I am surrounded by cobalt in every corner. So I said to myself, why not? I ended up not only with this printed trousers, but my iPhone case, a new handbag and I also love pair of denim in cobalt blue = it is just everywhere, don’t you think?

Scroll down to see more and to find out where you can get individual piece. Happy browsing!

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5441

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5451

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5442

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5439

TCG Garden Spring 5471

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5460 2printable_R 700pxTCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5447

TCG Printed Trousers Outfit 5455

What I wore and the directory:

H&M Printed Trousers in blue
American Vintage JAC51 Tee in Grey (get similar here)
Veromoda Leather jacket (few seasons back)
River Island Studded Loafers (available in white)
2nd Day Necklace (browse 2ND Day collection here)

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