Piece of the day – AG Cotton Shirt


TCG Piece of the week 65

TCG Piece of the week 55

I always have an eye on shirts especially when it comes to Summer seasons. They seem to fit and flatter better on my body shape than nothing else.

The other day I was just thinking how cotton shirt is great to have whilst outside is 30 degrees (or less as it is here in UK). It keeps you both cool and warm (in the moment when you stepped in any store with air conditioners). But what can I say, keeps me warm here in UK, as you may some of you already know :D.

TCG Piece of the week 54

TCG Piece of the week 61

AG Jenna Washed Cotton Shirt 

You can shop this AG Jenna Washed Shirt with 10% off at Stripes Fashion here.


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