Pastel Colour Look


TCG Pastel colour look 06

TCG Pastel colour look 27

I put together this pastel colour look in collaboration with (yes, it is the place that I work for :), so even better). We have such cute and amazing pieces there, mostly Scandinavian. I think it is such a shame to not explore them more, here on my blog. So here we go, I decided with Stripes owners Jenny & Claire that I´ll pick up my favourite pieces and share them with you in my best.

This outfit I got inspired by pastels. Ag Suplhur blue jeans (I have them already in sulphur green, but about them in a future post) are absolutely must have this Summer. At some point I can say it about any other item, can I? But this is truly honest opinion. Not just the colour, but the ankle style, skinny fit and with a little bit higher rise than high street retailers have in offer right now. It is a perfect pair of summer 2013. And I did fall in love to this style very easily (it is available in grey too, so more temptetion coming).

Custommade shirt in pastel green was in my watch since January, but there was never good time to wear it until few days ago. Sunny and hot weather that´s a tresure here. Nowadays, we are back with the rain. See where you can find these itema at the bottom.

TCG Pastel colour look 16

TCG Pastel colour look 17

TCG Pastel colour look 34

TCG Pastel colour look 08
TCG Pastel colour look 49

I was wearing:

AG Sulphur Blue Jeans
Custommade Shirt
H&M white wedges (similar here)

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