My Top 10 things


tcg top ten items

Here is my selection of TOP 10 items that I can´t be without this weekend and especially next week. This weekend hopefully will be sunny here in UK again, so I could just wear some shorts and get some tan, but busy as a business women

1. Diary in blue cover is my second head, anything that I have in my mind is there.
2. Steve Madden leopard belt is just a great accesory that either keep slipping my jeans down or just add a great touch to my outfits.

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3. Yves Saint Laurent radiance, I love this radiance touch on my skin every morning, always give me a great fresh look. Never ever will give up this product, it is my No. 1.
4. Urbanears Headphones. I love music and can´t be without it any second (almost :D), so when I´ll be going to Berling next week, to see Deichman´s new shoe collection, my urbanears will be with me.
5. My vintage ring that my mum used to wear. Even though it is missing few blue stones, it is still lovely and a statement piece in my jewellery box.
6. H&M gold bracelets, just got a new pieces from a sale and will be very handy…
7. Hultquist Tiger earrings, in plated gold with a lovely green stone. Hultquist is a danish brand and vera different to classic jewellery brand. I love my tigers!
8. Organic Argan Oil mask from Morocco is my new hair treat, I got conditionair as well, and I can´t wait to finally do something for my
9. Delicatesse chocolate (and french macarons), the life would not be perfect without a sweet treat.
10. Travel badge from H&M, as I ´ll have planned some travels this summer (nothing too excting), so I surely need this to not loose any of my necessity.

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