The THING: Hat dogs by W. Wegman for ACNE


TCG The THING - HAT DOGS ACNE William Wegman Limited edition 2013

Hello beauties,
I am introducing a new feature on my blog cold “The THING” that will be published irregularly, anytime when I found a great thing that will be 100% worth of sharing it with you as I absolutely fall in love to it. As there are so many interesting creations in ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC that could be covered. However, it is not simple as that, there is one condition for ‘THE THING’ to be nominated: FASHION. It has to be related to a fashion and that’ s no doubt!

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So the first of all is here: a photography art ‘HAT DOGS’ by William Wegman. You may already seen Wegman’ s famous Weimaraner dogs posing in front of camera in different costumes before. If not you can see it here in online gallery.

This signed and numbered edition was photographed in collaboration with ACNE STUDIOS and the profit will be donated to a global non profit organization Heifer International, {another reason to be featured in The THING}. Read more here and see the rest of photographs in collaboration with ACNE.

As I was writing this post yesterday to be ready for today, and due to a limited edition (only 100 pieces were available) it is sold out this morning. Unfortunately, I have also missed the opportunity to have Wegman’ s HAT DOGS art on my wall.

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