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Hello beauties, here it is the promised post about Deichmann Design Atelier and its 2013 designs. I flew on Wednesday to Berlin to see young and talented designers that´ve been chosen to design a perfect pair of shoes in their own way for the celebration of 100th years of Deichmann. If you follow me on Instagram, you could already discover some peaks from the trip. Read more after the jump.

When I arrived to Berlin, I had a little time (but enough) to look around shops and monuments etc. (not that I was too exhausted from all the things that are going on right now). So rather than staying in a comfortable hotel room, I did go out to the streets! Well, more to come in my 48 hours photo diary. The next day in the morning I went ahead to meet the team and the designers,…and to see the shoes, how exciting isn´t it :D? I have to say it was lovely and very chilled out that I always appreciated. I met few people from Czech as well, which was very pleasant ( to renew my native language).


Among all five designers, Sam Frenzel, Mads Dinesen, designing duo Nova Chiu and Milou van den Berg, there was also Lenka Markova from Czech. In my opinion, I was very suprised firstly when I received the email about Czech designer, and secondly when I saw the actuall design of hers. Don´t get me wrong, I am very proud of being Czech, but one of the (quite few) things that doesn´t necessarily work in Czech Republic is fashion (not talking about politics now :D). We are quiet left behind in this industry, which is shame. But to see a young and talented Czech designer is so exciting, especially when she has already some connection abroad.

So each of the designers designed three pair of shoes, and now it is on you to decide which pair you like the most. href=””>Visit the Deichmann Design Atelier’s website here and vote for your favourite pair . I will share my favourite in next post so stay tuned. You will get the chance to win one of them, as they will be exclusively produced in limited editions and they will not be available for purchase. So go ahead, and share if you will be the lucky one!!!

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See additional videos from the event, most of them are in German, but uou can find some in English.
See more here


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